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Ryan Bradley, ND, MPH is a naturopathic doctor, clinical researcher and epidemiologist in San Diego, CA. He is an Associate Professor and Assistant Director of Research at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of California, San Diego.


General Diabetes

Why do I feel so lousy? Low-grade inflammation is a cause

What's the Skinny on the Obesity Paradox?

Diabetes Basics

Pre-Diabetes - What Is It, Do I Have It, and How Do I Stop It? 

Natural Health Care Confusion - Make an Informed Choice

Type 1 Diabetes - Different but no Less Important


Eating Style Profile

Eating Style Article - Seven Styles of Eating Behavior

Eating Style Profile Questionnaire



Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

Berberine in Diabetes

Cinnamon: An effective herbal treatment for diabetes?

B Vitamins in Diabetes: Just "Expensive Urine"? (Part 1)

B Vitamins in Diabetes: Just "Expensive Urine"? (Part 2) 

Antioxidant Trials: Supplements Take More Hits and Diet Stands Strong 

Pycnogenol®: Easier to Swallow than to Say

CoQ10: The State of the Science in Diabetes

Chromium in Diabetes: The Controversy Continues

Antioxidant Therapy in Diabetes


Vitamin D

Time to Think About Vitamin D - Again!

Vitamin D's Role in Diabetes: new guidelines and research

Vitamin D Update: The Support Continues

Vitamin D and Diabetes: No Bones About It



It's All about Balance, Even Cholesterol

Cholesterol: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


Preventing Complications

Endothelial Dysfunction - How Insulin Resistance Progresses to Heart Disease

Asian Traditional Medicine

Integrative Medicine in the Treatment of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Liver Functioning Impacts Health in Diabetes - Are You Loving Your Liver?

Gut Health in Diabetes: It's What's Inside That Matters

TMAO and Cardiovascular Disease


Mental Health

How Do You Adapt to Everyday Stress?

Can Gratitude Improve Health?

Wishing You a Mindful Holiday Season

Stress Reduction Part 1 - Overview 

Stress Reduction Part 2 - Interventions in Diabetes 

Stress Reduction Part 3 - Reducing Blood Pressure 

Depression and Diabetes: It's Not All in your Head



What's all the hype about going gluten-free?

Diabetes Takes Guts: 5 Reasons to Care about your Microbiota

Got Vinegar...for Blood Sugar Lowering?

How sweet it is! To Fruit or Not to Fruit in Diabetes

Garlic - Old and Slow works for Garlic!

Dietary Top 10 List - Rules of Thumb to Eat for Health with Diabetes

Does a Chocolate a Day Keep the Doctor Away?

Got Fiber? 

Goji: The Newest Old Medical Miracle?

Add Spice and Add Life!

Are You What You Eat? AGE (Advanced Glycosylation Endproducts) in food



Resistance Isn't Always Futile - Strength Training in Diabetes


Lifestyle/General Health

Wellness: A Model of Holistic Health

Holiday Health Tips from Recent Research

How we eat may be more important than what we eat

Another New Year - Another Opportunity for Success!


Blood Sugar

Blood Sugar: How Low is Optimal and Does it Matter How You Get There? A Discussion of the ACCORD and ADVANCE Studies 



My Doctor Used the "I" Word - Should I Consider Insulin? 



Prevention is the Best Treatment During Flu Season



Rosiglitazone Controversy: ADOPT Rosi and Shatter Your DREAMs?